Industrial LED luminaires

svetodiodnoe osveshenieIndustrial LED luminaires

Energy saving provided by LED luminaires is pending and effective, if LEDs are used in industrial illumination systems. TCN-Electro manufactures and releases wide range of industrial LED luminaires applied in various production fields. Industrial LED luminaires are free from periodical problems related to the replacement of burned-out lamps and distinguished by the long service life.

Industrial LED luminaires are applied for illumination of operational areas, shop floor premises, storage facilities, and other production buildings. Application of these luminaires allows almost two times reduction of electric power expenses. Easy mounting and operation as well as durability lead to reduction of maintenance costs. Application of LED luminaires is the most effective on industrial scale.

Industrial LED luminaires are produced in a dust and motion proof enclosure, which allows to use them in hazardous applications.

The great advantage of use of these luminaires is environmental safety, allowing to apply them in crowded places.