LED floodlight

Our specialists analyse LED luminaires market on a continuous base. Based on the results of this analyses we concluded that light-emitting diode floodlights are in great demand among customers due to the widespread use of those products. LED floodlight is designed for illumination of building facades, courtyards, gardens, parks, secure facilities, playgrounds and sports facilities, storage facilities, manufacturing areas, etc. Due to its high performance, LED light is the best solution for the most diverse applications.

LED floodlight has unquestionable advantages over conventional light sources. The most significant advantages are:

– Low energy consumption

– Durability

– User-friendly operation

– Resistance to the ambient air temperature and humidity drop

– Protection of the floodlight operating components from water ingress and mechanical damage.

LED floodlight design uses wide range of mounting sections and fixtures allowing to apply products practically in any architectural structure.

At customer’s option our company designs and implements installation designs of floodlighting systems of any complexity.