LED luminaires

Recently in our country the growing attention is paid to the saving of energy resources. As a consequence, reduction of production cost of released products becomes a top priority for industrial and manufacturing enterprises, which eventually leads to increasing of competitive strength of products.

One of the textbook examples of such saving is the replacement of obsolete fluorescent lamps by more efficient LED illumination sources. Long service life, ease of maintenance and low power consumption are the main advantages of LED luminaires.

TCN-Electro company offers its customers wide range of LED products. Production of LED luminaires holds a special place among company activities. Released all-purpose LED luminaires of various design and power can satisfy the demand of any customer. Our lighting fixtures are used both for ceiling and wall illumination (illumination of manufacturing, training, commercial, householding, and other facilities). Product range of our company includes LED lamps, LED panels, street LED lampsand LED floodlights. Our product range is constantly expanding.

LED luminaires have a definitive advantages over the conventional filament lamps: LED luminaires are practically maintenance-free, which considerably decreases maintenance staff expenditures; operational durability; our products are made of environmentally-friendly materials, so special disposal is not required; one of the main advantages of LED luminaires is low electric energy consumption; our LED luminaires comply with all required operational sanitary standards; convenience of transportation and installation is not unimportant as well; all products released by our company are certified.

Our company specialises on production of the following types of LED luminaires: industrial LED luminairesstreet LED luminairesLED floodlights, office lighting fixtures, lighting fixtures for housing services and utilities, LED lamps.