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Indoor lighting

TCN-Electro manufactures and releases ceiling LED luminaires for office under the LEDEO trademark. Office ceiling lighting fixtures by TCN-Electro is the most efficient solution of workplace illumination task.

Office lighting fixtures are divided into to groups by the method of installation: built-in and add-on.

Built-in LED luminaires are mounted in the Armstrong-type ceilings. After installation of a luminaire only its decorative fixture is visible on the ceiling surface. The remaining parts of the luminaire (wires, fasteners) are concealed in the ceiling.

Unlike built-in configuration, add-on LED luminaire has a housing attachable to the ceiling.
Advanced manufacturing technologies allow develop original versions of add-on lighting fixtures, which can be fit any interior.

LED luminaires are available for purchase both wholesale and retail.
Advantages of LED luminaires use:
•    Minimum electric energy expenses
•    25 years of fault-free service life
•    Flicker-free steady LED lighting
•    Fire safety
•    Environmental safety

Usually the fault-free service life of the ceiling luminaires (add-on and built-in) is about 25 years (100 th. hours). This allows to repay expenditures just in 2 years despite the relatively high cost.
During operation luminaires practically do not heat up, so they are considered as the most fire safe products comparing with conventional lighting equipment.

Industrial lighting

TCN-Electro manufactures and releases industrial LED luminaires wholesale under the LEDEO trademark. You can purchase LED luminaires paying in cash ot via bank transfer. Please contact the sales department and distribution network of our company. Industrial LED luminaires LEDEO are high-quality products, which allows to reduce electric energy expenditures of an enterprise.


Industrial LED systems LEDEO have been designed specially for illumination of production, storage, and logistics facilities, etc.

Achieving of optimal level of illumination on such vast areas requires considerable electric energy expenses. Unlike halogen and fluorescent predecessors, modern LED luminaires of industrial type consume much lesser energy providing the high grade illumination on a facility at the same time.

Illumination is safe for the eyesight

Quality of radiated light no less important for the illumination of facilities with workplaces for the personnel. In such a case LED luminaires provide stable flicker-free light reducing the stress for the eyesight.  
Utility lighting

Illumination of riser blocks and corridors of residential and non-residential buildings, emergency and after-hours lighting and other needs of housing services and utilities are covered by LED luminaires widely used nowadays. LED luminaire price depends on the order size, list of equipment and operation conditions. We have flexible discount system for our loyal customers.    
Street lighting

Today the matter of energy saving is very important for many companies. Russian manufacturer TCN-Electro offers LED illumination systems under the LEDEO trademark as a solution to energy saving problem.

TCN-Electro manufactures and releases street LED luminaires. Street LED illumination, for instance, LED floodlight, consumes minimum of energy providing optimal illumination at the night time.

Extra advantages of LEDEO illumination systems

Special vandal-proof housing allowing outdoor illumination systems to withstand strong mechanical impact: shocks, vibrations, etc.

Moreover, due to advanced manufacturing technologies street LED luminaires operate fault-free at the temperature ranging from -50° to -50°C as well as under adverse weather conditions.

LEDEO street luminaires application

Today LED luminaires are successfully applied for illumination of highways, avenues, city streets, parking lots, yards, etc.  
Commercial lighting

Our company releasing LED luminaires under the trademark LEDEO for illumination of sales premises and offices holds strong positions among other LED luminaire manufacturers.  
Architectural lighting, floodlights

TCN-Electro company manufactures and releases LED floodlights under the trademark LEDEO for a several years now. These lighting fixtures are highly popular due to lots of advantages over conventional outdoor lighting systems.

Street illumination LED systems under the trademark LEDEO have the following characteristics:
•    Up to 25 years of fault-free operation
•    Instant switching on of the LED floodlight in less than 1 second
•    Frequency and number of actuations do not influence on the service life
•    Modern and classy design
•    Easiness and convenience of mounting and service operations
•    Housing is resistant to physical and environmental impact
•    Correct color reproduction and uniform illumination of a facility


Application of LED floodlights is rather wide, but the price depends on a model. LED floodlights are successfully applied for illumination of billboards and banners, building facades, monuments, shop windows, etc.  

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